Chromatin and genome regulation lab

Role of chromatin dynamics at enhancers, genes, transposable elements 

Pradeepa Madapura's lab research focuses on investigating the role of chromatin proteins and histone modifications in the regulation of genome structure and function. We use genome-wide methodologies, single locus precision editing and gene engineering methods to investigate how the genome is regulated and the factors contributing to the function of gene regulatory elements. 

We focus on the role of histone modifications, particularly the histone acetylation pathway. We investigate the role of histone acetyltransferases, histone acetylations and reader proteins of acetylations and their role in development and disease. Labs interests include neurodevelopmental disorders, pregnancy disorders, and cancers. Our lab is located in the Blizard Institute, part of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London. We are part of the QMUL Epigenetics Hub and Centre for genomics and child health. 

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Latest preprint alert Congratulations to Dr Min Patel (recently completed PhD student) 

June 2023: We are proud of our work on H4K16ac in transposon activation published in Nature SMB

Congrats to joint first authors Deb and Manthan, Thanks to Fanny & Jay for your contributions

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